600 kidnappees of Taiz civilians in Houthis' jails

English - الأحد 16 ديسمبر 2018 الساعة 06:47 م
Taiz - Newsyemen

About 600 civilians of Taiz province have been kidnapped by Houthi militias since 2014, according to a statement of the Yemeni rights activist Asmaa Al-Raei to Newsyemen.

Al-Raei said the reported number of civilians was recorded by their relatives, while others abductees did not register their data, and other families contact with Houthi group through mediators to set them free in return of money.

She explained that the abductees are normal civilians and they have no relations with the events, were arrested from streets, roads and security checkpoints by Houthi militia.
It is worth to mention that the abductees' families organized a sit-in demanding that the militias to quickly release their loved ones.