Militias isolate al-Suwaiq, al-Madman, ambush al-Magras in al-Tuhaita

English - السبت 29 ديسمبر 2018 الساعة 08:27 م
Al-Hodeida – Mocha –

Houthi militias continue targeting civilians' houses with mortars and katyousha rockets on al-Kabenya villages, al-Karib, and al-Zaafaran northeast al-Duraihemi district in al-Hodeida province.

The Houthi militias shelling came as the 10 days of the UN-sponsorship ceasefire on al-Hodeida province.

Early Friday, Houthi militias targeted al-Shabeleya farms, west Zabeed city with mortars led to the burning of the feed stock that the farmers had intended to sell on the weekly market on Tuesday in al-Jarrahi city.

The burning of the feed stock cost around Y.R 400,000 according to farmers.

The Houthi militias renewed the shelling of al-Falah, al-Qattab, and al-Maslab villages east and southeast al-Tuhaita district.

Local sources said residents were terrified by indiscriminate shelling near their homes and farms.

The Houthi militias isolated al-Suwaiq and al-Madman areas west al-Tuhaita district, according to appeals by dozens of residents who confirmed that the militias were completely isolating them from reaching the city of al-Tuhaita or returning to their homes of the two areas.

It is worth to mention that about 900 families spread in areas in palm forests along about 20 km west al-Tuhaita city passing through the areas of al-Suwaiq and al-Madman.