800displaced families cannot return to Usailan, Shabwa

English - الأحد 30 ديسمبر 2018 الساعة 06:56 م
Shabwa, NewsYemen.net

Civilians in Shabwa province are afraid of rain as the floodwaters would sweep landmines into agricultural fields and villages as it happened last year.

Civilians said that hundreds of landmines are still buried underground in the roads and farms and the surrounding areas in many areas, especially in Usailan district.

A medical source said that landmines killed 60 civilians in Baihan district, including children and women, and caused permanent disabilities for many citizens.

The landmines and explosive devices also damaged more than 45 farms.   

The landmine fields hamper the return of more than 800 displaced families from their homes to Usailan, who are living in difficult humanitarian conditions in Shabwa refugee areas.

Military teams make efforts to survey and dismantle the landmines Baihan, but rely on private funding and lack of the necessary technical resources.

The civilians call on the concerned parties to send engineering teams to clear the landmines in Baihan areas, similar to the others liberated areas.