Dozens Houthi projectiles fall down on al-Tuhaita

Dozens Houthi projectiles fall down on al-Tuhaita

English - الخميس 03 يناير 2019 الساعة 10:04 م
Al-Hodeida -

Dozens Houthi projectiles fell down on al-Tuhaita district center, south al-Hodeida province, west Yemen on Wednesday evening and shortly before Thursday.

The Houthi shells fell down on scattered and different areas of al-Tuhaita, causing explosions that causes the shaken of houses, and raising terror and panic among civilians.

No casualties were immediately confirmed.

Wednesday Morning, Houthi militias pounded villages in the eastern part of al-Tuhaita.

A shell fell down on an elderly house who was outside at the time of shelling.  

The militias continued the ceasefire violations in conjunction with the Joint Ceasefire Coordination Committee meetings under the chairmanship of General Patrick Cammaert.

The militias launched machine-gun attacks on sites of the Joint Resistance Forces in al-Jah area in Bait al-Faqih district on Wednesday and burned a commercial center in al-Hodeida city.