Army controls some sites in Sa’ada, Houthis fire rocket on Marib

English - منذ 822 يوم و 13 ساعة و 19 دقيقة
Marib/Sa’ada –

Two civilians were injured on Wednesday evening in a Houthi shelling on a residential area in Marib city, east the Capital Sana'a, a local source said.

The source added that Houthi militias fired Katyusha rocket stationed on Hailan Mount and fell down on al-Rawdha area, injuring the child Ebrahim Bander al-Tuqi,9, and Basheer Haza'a Qaid, 37,.

Houthi militias repeated pounded the densely populated area of al-Rawdha in Marib, using, using Katyusha rockets.

The army seized control Jabal al-Omani al-'Ala area in Sa'ada province, the stronghold of al-Houthi militias in northern Yemen.

The Brigadier General Aziz al-Khattabi the commander of the 3rd Brigade said in a press statement that the army liberated Jabal al-Omani and surrounding areas after the army launched an attack on the militia sites in these areas.

He pointed out that the artillery of the Arab Alliance supported the army during the attack and bombed the movements of the militias and their fortifications.

The Army attack caused the killing of eight Houthi militias, and wounding others. The army recovered large quantities of weapons and miscellaneous ammunition.

In the southern province of Lahj, four Houthi gunmen were killed and wounded when a roadside bomb went off on them during an attempt to plant it in al-Shuraija front in Lahj province.

A local source told Newsyemen that the explosive device exploded on the Houthi militias while they were trying to plant it in al-Hesn Mount overlooking al-Hamam Mount and Shaifan, north al-Shuraijah area.

He added that the explosion of the device caused the killed of the three Houthis and wounded the fourth injured, pointing out that the injured was transferred to a field hospital of the MSF in al-Hawban area in Taiz province.