Prosecutor Office jails officer in Marib

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Marib –

The Public Prosecutor's Office in Marib province referred an officer at the Army to the central prison for his severe beating on seven-year-old boy.

The accident took place when the child came out of Saba Private School on Tuesday noon in Marib.

Newsyemen sources said that the officer was present at the time of the child Faisal Saud Faisal al-Oqab had gotten out of the school. The officer severely beat the child and kicked him with his military shoes at front of people who thought to be his son.

In a statement issued by the al-Oqab's family, it mentioned that the officer beat the child Faisal because he quarreled with the officer's son in the school.

The statement added that the officer threw Faisal in his car, the officer went but he returned after he remembered that he had forgotten to take his daughter at the school then people gathered upon hearing the child's pleas, they discovered that the officer was not his father.

The crowded people forcibly arrested the officer and imprisoned him at the school until the Chief Prosecutor came who interrogated the officer.

The officer was taken to the Central prison in the province.

The child's family demand the punishment of the attacker's officer fairly and impose the legal procedures against him.