Al-Mujailes area in al-Hodeida suffers from basic services

English - منذ 820 يوم و 14 ساعة و 23 دقيقة
Al-Tuhaita/Mocha –

Al-Mujailes area is one of al-Tuhaita coastal areas, south al-Hodeida city, west Yemen. It locates between al-Khukha and al-Jah. It is characterized by its coastal atmosphere and a large number of palm trees.

Al-Mujailes received its share of the suffering under the rule of the Houthi militias before it is being liberated, including al-Tuhaita Center by the Joint Resistance Forces.

The landmines and improvised explosives devices that were planted by the Houthi militias threaten the people. The area also suffers from the lack of basic services.

Al-Mujailes is a coastal remote area. It has only a Health Center that it is also described "nonexistent" by a local source to Newsyemen.

The Health Center runs out of equipment, medicines and medical Staff, and people are fatigue to reach the field hospital in al-Khukha or al-Tuhaita Center.

Al-Mujailes area also suffers from a shortage of water, it is a coastal area overseeing the sea, despite the availability of water tanks, there is only a water tank that the people in the area are dependent upon it.

The other water tank is rarely filled by the civilians in the area, according to the civilians.

Al-Mujailes includes several villages, among them: al-Teefaf, al-Thawabeyah, al-Mujailes and Hameed Mosque, and others villages.

Al-Mujailes area has three schools: al-Shate School (Beach School), al-Teefaf School, al-Fath School.