Islah prevents Taiz journalists to express views to protect corruption gangs

English - الأربعاء 20 فبراير 2019 الساعة 12:13 م
Taiz -

The Islah Party continues to crackdown on freedom of opinion and expression in Taiz city, through the security services under its control.

The Islah Party works on terrorizing society and on fighting against freedom of opinion in Taiz to protect its armed gangs and its corruption system in the military and security establishments.

The Journalist Wagdi al-Salemi said on Tuesday on Facebook that an officer called him via phone and asked him to attend to the Criminal Investigation Department.

The Journalist al-Salemi pointed out that the officer informed him that the criminal investigation received a directive from the prosecution requesting to investigate him in charges of insulting the national army.

The Journalist al-Salemi added that he would not be silent and he would not be fear, adding that he believes that a good press is that tells the truth for readers.

The activist Abdullah Farhan received a similar telephone call from the Criminal Investigation Department to investigate him in charges of publishing and accusing the National Army.

The activist Akram al-Shawafi commented on these calls by saying: "Samir al-Hajj, a top officer, starts his power in leading the Taiz axis by suppressing freedoms...."

Al-Shawafi described the phone calls to journalists and activists as the threatened with arrest if they did not come to the Investigation Department.

The Socialist activists Ayoub al-Salehi and Akram Humaid are still in secret prisons affiliated with the Islah Party since the war began four years ago.