Al-Ahmar demands Shabwa’s authorities to release oil derivatives smugglers

English - الجمعة 22 فبراير 2019 الساعة 05:00 م
Aden –

Newsyemen got a document was issued by the commander of the sixth military Region Hashem al-Ahmar, dated Feb. 17,

The document demanded Shabwa’s authorities to release tankers' drivers, the smuggler of the oil derivatives.

Shabwa Police seized smuggled oil tankers coming from the province of Marib province.

Hashem al-Ahmar accused Shabwa authorities of physically assaulting the drivers, demanding their release with the tankers and the oil shipments.

Earlier, an official security source at Shabwa's police said to Newsyemen that the Police seized gang smuggling oil derivatives coming from Marib,

The oil derivatives are sold in al-Dhale' province and in al-Rebat area in Aden province.

Other smugglers steal crude oil from the pipeline in al-Nashemah area to a Houthi refinery in al-Hataresh area in Sana’a province.