United Nations rents Atlanta Hotel for three years

English - الخميس 21 مارس 2019 الساعة 06:39 م
Aden – NewsYemen.net

The United Nations has rented Atlanta Hotel for 3 years, under a rent contract concluded between the two parties - the UN and the Hotel.

The hotel will be a house for the members of the ceasefire and the Redeployment Coordination Committee in al-Hodeida city and its seaports.

The Yemeni activist Tawfiq al-Maqtari, in a blog on Facebook, said that the United Nations's act on this matter is a firm proof of the lie of the UN envoy, and the absence of any indication of progress on the ground, and promotes the opposite."

The Yemeni Yasser Amer said that" it is written in the agreement contract three years; and it is renewable".