Al-Naderah tribesmen reveal Houthi trick to control al-Awd mountain 

English - الأربعاء 27 مارس 2019 الساعة 11:52 ص
Ibb – 

A tribal source told Newsyemen that the Houthi militias are trying through mediators to persuade al-Naderah tribes in Ibb province to allow the passage of their troops into al-Awd Mountain without being stationed in the mountain.

After the armed clashes on Monday, the Houthi militias resorted to the mediation option with tribes after they tried to infiltrate and control the strategic mountain of al-Awd.

The source added that the Houthi militias told the tribesmen that the first wanted to open the road to the movement of their forces and committed not to be stationed on the mountain.

 He stressed that the militias' commitment is a trick aimed at reaching the mountain and starting the revenge against the people of al-Naderah.