More than 34 missing at Islah Party's prisons in Taiz

English - الأربعاء 27 مارس 2019 الساعة 11:53 ص
Taiz – 

Dr. Elfat al-Dubai, the member of the National Dialogue Conference, said that the Major General Sadiq Sarhan, the commander of the  22nd Brigade is still relies on hostages system that prevailed in the Imamate's days as a means of pressure on adversaries. 
Al-Dubai added that Sarhan currently has many hostages, as one of the results of the recent security crackdown in the old city of Taiz. 

She said in a post on Facebook that the ''attitude of the Imam and the regime of hostages'' is not exclusive to the Houthis.

Al-Dubai asked about the roles of Taiz governor, the commander of Taiz military axis, and the director of Taiz Security at the military campaign that representing the State, asking "Do the State's values deal with the hostages regime?"

The Chairman of the Committee on Enforced Disappeared and Missing Persons Abulrahman al-Azraqi discussed last month with the Chief Prosecutor of Taiz province the Judge Abdulwahid Sarhan the file of the enforced Disappeared, and the prisons that run outside the law. 

Taiz Chief Prosecutor disclosed that he had written many letters to all the competent security, military and intelligence agencies to reveal the fate of the disappeared. 

He called on the competent authorities to hold an emergency meeting to discuss the cases of the disappeared persons included by the Attorney General's memorandum No. 201913, dated 9/1/2019, coming the first on the list Ayoub Saher Saif al-Salehi and the last name is Nabil Mohammed Qassem. 

The memorandum of the Attorney-General of the Taiz Prosecutor's Office came after the letter submitted by the Committee on Enforced Disappeared and Missing Persons to the Ministry of Human Rights.