Sniper of the Popular Crowd kills two brothers in Taiz in one place, third survives

English - الأربعاء 27 مارس 2019 الساعة 12:37 م
Taiz – 

The story of three brothers in the old city of Taiz - two brothers have been killed by a sniper of the Popular Crowd of the Islah Party, the third brother was survived miraculously. 

The Islahi sniper was stationed at Taiz High Secondary School located in al-Jumhori neighborhood. 

This is not a fantasy story, or artificial events or an action movie,  it is a real story that have been taken place in Wadi al-Madam area in Taiz city, its hero this time was not a Houthi sniper, but a Taizi sniper of the people of Taiz city who had known neighborhoods of the old city.

The story started in the early hours of the so-called military campaign on the old city that was hit by various sides by the campaign that targeted the old city at its stations at the Political Security, al-Serajeyah, al-Qahera, al-Ekhwa hotel BMB, and Taiz High Secondary School.

The survivor Amjad Abdulnaser Rushdi talked about the details of the killing his two brothers, "while my brother Hisham was going home in Wadi al-Madam neighborhood, who was not in relation what was going on related to the fighting in the old city, adding my brother Hisham is a civilian, he is not a solider, he did not belong to a Party, but he is a resident of the old city of Taiz."

Amjad continued that "the sniper of Taiz High Secondary School startled a gunshot on his body, my brother Hisham was screaming, " please help, I am injured", We did not know that there is a sniper at the School, overlooking my neighborhood in Wadi al-Madam neighborhood"

My another brother Rushdi was there... he tried to save Hisham in all sorts of ways, but the sniper shot him and killed him immediately next to my brother Hisham.

He continued: "I saw the scene and the screaming, I went to save one of my brother perhaps one was still breathing, and alive, the people of the neighborhood was highly shouting not to go 'like they said', the sniper will kill you", I did not hear what they mean, I started to pull one of my brother, live bullets was rained the scene by the sniper at me."

" I felt I am going to die, I was hiding under a car", the sniper intensified the firing of bullets at me trying to kill me next to my brothers .. I was able to save myself under the car to the area that the sniper could not see me"

I heard one of my brothers saying before his death " take care of my mother, my father, my brothers, my wife and my children", I said to him " you will not die, you are going to live with us" but he passed away immediately"

Tears continued to seep down, he went on saying " my friends and I tried to pull my brothers to another place where the sniper could not shot us, we did despite the heavy firing towards us" 

"We prepared to Pray and bury them in Wadi al-Madam,  my brother Hisham breathed ... one of my neighborhood area said : Hisham is still alive, we were happy, we rushed him to a hospital

A physician checked him and said " Why did you rush him ", we said " we were not able to take his body due to the heavy firing", the physician said " I could not do any anything for you, Your brother died because of the severe internal bleeding and you had to rush him to the hospital, but you were late".