35th Brigade thwarts smuggling of large shipment of weapons to armed militias

English - Tuesday 09 April 2019 الساعة 08:49 pm
Taiz – NewsYemen.net

The 35th Brigade thwarted Tuesday a smuggling operation of an arms shipment at one of the Brigade checkpoint in al-Mawasit district in Taiz province while on its way to Houthi militias in Demnat Khadeer in the province.

The Brigadier General Adnan al-Hammadi, the commander of the 35th  armored brigade, said in a statement to Newsyemen that the seized shipment consisted of shells, ammunition and automatic machine guns that were hidden in a Dyna truck.

Al-Hammadi added that the shipment consisted of automatic ammunition, RPG and others weapons.

"The shipment of missiles and ammunition that would have killed the army and innocent civilians will be sent to the Army fronts to liberate new sites.