Mocha represents Yemen in Arab Championship for Kung Fu in Amman

English - الجمعة 12 أبريل 2019 الساعة 05:55 م
Mocha –

An Arab champion in 2014 of Kung Fu will participate in the Arab Kung Fu Championship scheduled for April, 15 in Jordan.

Marwan Hadi, a member of Mocha Coast Club said to Newsyemen that he expects to win the title after making all the necessary preparations for the championship.

Hadi left Mocha city on Thursday for the interim capital Aden to begin his four-day training camp.

Yemen won the gold medal and won the Arab Championship in 2014, which was held in Beirut, Lebanon after beating the Lebanese competitor.

Hadi won four gold, bronze and silver medals in the Arab Kung Fu game, as well as nine local awards.