Resistance militarily progresses in al-Dhale' fronts

English - الثلاثاء 23 أبريل 2019 الساعة 10:55 ص
Al-Dhale' –

A fierce battle raged at night on Monday in al-Uzab front north of Qa'tabah in al-Dhale' province against the Iran's arm in Yemen - the Houthi militias in a second day of fierce fighting after defeating Houthi infiltration into al-Shargi House, causing the armed militias dozens of dead and injured.

The Security Belt Forces, National Resistance and Popular Resistance forces pounded sites of the armed militias in Naqil Qabwan, Uzab and Naqil Hadda in al-Naderah district, areas between the two provinces of al-Dhale' and Ibb.

The Forces militarily progressed under heavy fire cover in Hatab area so as to cut the military reinforcement of the Houthi militias in three axis.

After cleansing al-Shargi area, forces of National Resistance and Popular Resistance militarily progressed in Hatab area nearby Naqil Qabwan.