Iran-backed Houthis exercise spy communications

English - الخميس 25 أبريل 2019 الساعة 11:37 ص
Sana'a –

Sources at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, run by the Houthi militias, disclosed the presence of private network aiming at managing and wiretapping communications of citizens.

A cadre was training in Tehran and Beirut before the Houthi militias invaded the Capital Sana'a. The cadre focused on eavesdropping of citizens, especially activists and media.

The sources confirmed that there are Iranian experts currently in the capital Sana'a who oversee the network operations and control communications.

The sources noted that the Houthi Preventive Security used communications' recordings in investigations conducted with some political detainees, and the armed militias used the recordings without any permission or order by the Public Prosecution.

The sources pointed out some investigators at the national and political security, who are still doing their jobs under the Houthi orders, were surprised by the presence of calls' recordings for some detainees without any obligation to the legal procedures related thereto.

The Preventive Security investigators told the national and political investigators, who are also run by the Houthi militias, that such issues do not concern them, and should not ask where these recordings came from or who run it.

The sources confirmed that the investigators had contacted some officials at the Ministry at the time, and that the latter informed them that they did not know these recordings, and informed them how could Houthi Preventive Security get them, and such recordings were done without their will and their knowledge.

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology is one of the most important government institutions controlled by the Houthi militias.

The armed militias use the ministry against their political opponents, and the militias also capture the ministry's huge revenues in support of their fighters at military fronts.