The Islah Army attacks Jabal Habashi in preparation for its war on the south and the coast

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2019-12-14 11:01:10

12 sets of military police and security, attacked a wedding in the Bani Jaafar area, and the residents confronted it, and three of the groom's relatives were wounded. The justification for the attack was the arrest of a man present in the wedding to justify the axis later that the attack was the result of a false report.

The Islah army attacks a village in Jabal Habashi with the justification of the presence of a Houthi person, and leaves the Houthis on the outskirts of the city, while the people of Jabal Habashi confront Houthi militias on more than 5 fronts five years ago.

The Islah party seeks to convert Jabal Habashi to the center of an attack on Al-Hajriyah, and pre-empt the departure of the Houthi militias from West Taiz in Al-Barh, in order to place them in the western gate of Taiz, which overlooks Jabal Habashi, as well as Al-Dhabab line overlooking the southern gate of Taiz.

The Habashi mountain is located as the guard of the western and southern Taiz gates, and it is separated from the Sabr mountain line by Al-Dhabab line only, so that the Sabr mountain is also guarded by the eastern Taiz gates and it participates with Jabal Habashi in guarding the southern gate

In order for the Islah army to cross to Al-Hajriyah, the south and the western coasts, they must submit to this mountain strip that forms a barrier from west to east and turn it into a center of operations for them. This is what happened through the training center for the popular crowd in Ras Jabal Sabr in Al-Aroos, in Yafres, and more recently, the army of Sheikh Hamoud al-Mikhlafi in Yafres, near the Hujariya Gate, Al-Birin and Al-Nashama.

Islah builds its army to fight the south and the joint forces on the western coast through its presence in Al-Hujriyah and the western regions of Jabal Habashi, and all that it is currently doing in Taiz is an arrangement for this war, while its war with the Houthi militias in Taiz is no longer a priority even in their speech that turned west and towards the south.

The attacks and incursions into Jabal Habashi will continue, and the war on al-Hajriyah will continue in multiple paths after the assassination of the courageous gatekeeper the commander, Adnan al-Hammadi.