The joint forces in Hays burn a warehouse of Houthi munitions

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2020-07-08 18:38:37

The Houthi militia renewed its continuous and daily violations in targeting residential neighborhoods in the city of Hays, south of Hodeidah, while the joint forces responded to the militia’s fire sources and burned a warehouse of ammunition.

"Faisal Al-Drami", the eleventh brigade of the giants, told Newsyemen that the Houthi militias are still escalating their daily violations of their housing in the center of Hays and the village of Beit Maghari northwest of the city.

Faisal Al-Drami confirmed that militias bombed from the places of their control in the villages of Shaab Bani Zuhair and Al-Hilla with various machine guns towards the homes in the village of Beit Maghari, and caused a state of panic, fear and panic among the citizens.

Al-Drami pointed out that units of the employees of the eleventh brigade led by the commander, "Mustafa Dobleh" stationed in the village of Beit Maghari were able to respond to the sources of the militia fire and burn a warehouse of ammunition, and suppressed the sources of its fire northwest of Hays, after the militias targeted civilian housing.