Al-Hodeidah: Houthi movements under monitoring, and shooting down of a drone

@ Hodeidah / Mocha, Newsyemen: English

2020-07-09 10:47:14

The joint forces brought down the Houthi march south of Hodeidah, one day after hitting and destroying fire sources and artillery.

On Wednesday, the joint forces managed to shoot down a Houthi aircraft in the sky of the city of Al-Durahimi, south of Hodeidah.

A military source said that the heroes of the joint forces saw the plane flying over their positions, where they targeted it with the appropriate weapon and were able to shoot it down successfully.

The joint forces continue to shoot down the Houthi drones on various fronts in the Hodeidah Governorate.

On Wednesday, the joint forces responded to Houthi fire sources that were targeting residential neighborhoods in the city of Hays, south of Hodeidah, and they managed to destroy an ammunition depot for the militias, and it was completely burned northwest of Hays.

It monitored reinforcements and movements of the Houthi militias in the sectors of southern Hodeidah and the West Coast, and included the pushing of new groups of fighters in light of a massive and unprecedented escalation, especially towards Al Tuhita and Al Jabaliya.

Field and local sources confirmed monitoring movements of Houthi groups in the direction of Al-Aden, Al-Hussainiya, Al-Jah, and Zabid junction, south of Al-Hodeidah Governorate, amid escalation of combat operations, bombing and targeting operations, and attempts to advance and infiltration.

The militias have suffered significant losses in lives and equipment during the past few days as a result of the continued escalation in Al-Tuhita, Al-Jah, Al-Durahimi and Hays.

 A military / field source in the joint forces of the Hays front told Newsyemen on Wednesday that the Houthi movements and reinforcements, monitored continuously and under close monitoring and follow-up, indicate the escalation approach and the militia's persistence in committing follies.

Stressing the readiness of the joint forces in all sectors to teach the militias harsh lessons and crush all their efforts and reinforcements.

 During the last days, the joint forces destroyed sites, hideouts, weapons depots, ammunition, artillery, and Houthi fire sources in all sectors of southern Hodeidah Governorate as a result of targeting and continuous shelling of cities, communities, residential neighborhoods, and villages.

The militias have suffered painful blows and heavy losses in al-Jah, al-Jabaliya and al-Tuhita during crushing attacks, attempts to march, and Houthi infiltrations.