Aden: Médecins Sans Frontières announced the closure of the isolation center

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2020-07-09 19:32:43

Médecins Sans Frontières has announced the closure of the "Al-Amal" isolation center for Covid 19 cases in the Bursiqa District, in Aden.

This closure came after the cases of coronavirus infections decreased and the last five infected cases were recovered.

The organization said, in a statement to Newsyemen, that it was decided to keep the isolation center in Al-Gomhoria Hospital.

He added that the organization will rationalize its activity in Aden by combining activities in only one facility.

He confirmed that the French Doctors Without Borders organization will deliver its activities at the Corona Treatment Center in the Hope Center in the Buraiqa Directorate at the end of this week to the relevant authorities, and MSF will continue its activities in Aden.