The Houthis shut down a major outlet to the liberated areas of the western coast of Hays after a leader death

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2020-07-11 11:52:03

Houthi militias have closed the main outlet of the Saqam junction and prevented the pandemic from entering and exiting at one of its points south of the Hays district of Hodeidah, after one of its supervisors was killed by joint forces fire, in addition to mining large parts of the secondary roads.

Informed sources reported that the Houthi militias closed the Saqam port at one of its points in the village of Dhami, south of Hays, and prevented trucks and vehicles from entering and exiting to and from the center of the city of Hays, which is a lifeline for areas under the control of the Houthis.

The sources confirmed that the Houthi militias prevented citizens from passing, in addition to aggressively attacking citizens and owners of trucks and vehicles, for those who tried to cross even from the back road.

According to the sources, this action came after one of the Houthi militia supervisors was killed by the heroes of the joint forces after foiling a Houthi attack Thursday morning on the forces stationed south of the city of Hays.

The sources pointed out that the Houthi militia has mined large parts of the sub-roads in the village of Dhami and Dar al-Amos, which were taken by citizens as alternative ways to enter the city of Hays and the liberated areas instead of the main road that the militias filled with mines and explosive devices for fear of advancing the joint forces after they were defeated from the center of the city of Hays in February 2018.

The Saqam Junction is considered one of the most important major outlets at the level of the liberated areas in the West Coast, through which trucks, vehicles and foodstuffs pass through to the areas controlled by the Houthis and the liberated areas.