Colonel Al-Abl: Al-Dhalea has opened mass graves for the Houthi militia ... and efforts to open roads are continuing

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2020-11-24 19:56:20

The field commander of the Southern Armor Corps in the Al-Dhalea combat axis, Colonel Fadl Al-Abl, confirmed that the Al-Dhalea fronts had opened mass graves for the Houthi militia, indicating that the intensity of the confrontations decreased due to the Houthis' retreat from launching suicide operations.

The Colonel in the Southern Forces said that efforts to open roads in Al Dhalea are still continuing due to the Houthi’s fabricated obstacles to impede coordination of the Civil Coalition Committee.

Concerning the situation in Abyan, Al-Abl explained that the southern forces are pursuing collective formulas at the general level and cooperating greatly for experiences in creating a new generation that will be able to confront the Houthi and the Brotherhood on the Dhalea and Abyan fronts.

 He pointed out that the forces in Al Dhale'e are a step away from the heroes on the Abyan fronts, and if the matter requires working alongside them, we are always at the disposal, although the fronts in Abyan have men with experience and high combat competence.

 And the military units of the armor corps of the southern forces played a major role in the conduct of military operations in the battle of self-isolation and thwarted the plans of the Iranian arm of the Houthi militia and inflicted losses on lives and equipment.

In this dialogue, Al-Abl answers the role of Dhalea Shields on the fronts and the developments of the military and humanitarian situation in the fierce southern front .. So to the meeting:

Tell us about the role of armor weapons in military operations?

 Shields are an integral weapon with other ground forces, we perform our duty to the fullest, and thanks to the military cadres, we have achieved high accuracy in dealing with the required military targets.  We are not advocates of war. It was imposed on us when the terrorist militia launched a brutal attack to control Dhalea and we are ready to defend the dear homeland.

-Are there any plans to advance?

The decision is the decision of the Southern political leadership, and we are always subject to reference, and war battles are like football in which the victor and the defeated are not always, certainly not because we have a strong national army.

- What is your evaluation of the situation on the Dhalea fronts?

 No one can understand the goals and plans of the criminal Houthi militia, but we have learned a lot that there is no trust for this group that fights under the direction of Iran, we deal with them long enough until they give up for peace, and the Houthis are the ones who declared war on Al-Dhalea, and we defended ourselves and opened new and collective graves for them to bury their elements who were thrown to death by the craters of our weapons.

- The humanitarian situation in the vicinity of the North Dhalea fronts?

 Undoubtedly, we realize the extent of the suffering that the citizens in the surrounding areas endure from the fighting fronts north of Al Dhalea as a result of Houthi terrorism ... and we are working as much as possible to implement the rules of war, unlike the Houthi militia, which deliberately targets civilians.

-Where have the efforts to open the way for citizens reached?

We in the southern forces dealt with this aspect in absolute positivity, and we have no objection to opening the way to the citizens since the beginning of the war. Indeed, the humanitarian efforts of the Civil Coalition Committee have succeeded, with the participation of sheikhs and social figures, and initially faced Houthi obstacles, and this is normal to happen and the efforts are still continuing, and we hope that it will be crowned with success because the road is a lifeline for people, and opening it will have a positive effect in relieving society's troubles.