In response to the Brotherhood’s moves ... Al-Alqma announces its rejection of any military innovations

@ Lahj, NewsYemen, Exclusive: English

2020-11-26 10:17:11

The leaders and sheikhs of the Alqama tribe, which are scattered between the districts of Al Madaraba in Lahj and Al Shamaitain, Taiz, announced their rejection of any attempt to create military sites.

This came in an emergency meeting held by the leaders and sheikhs of the tribe, following attempts by the Muslim Brotherhood to create military sites in the Wadi Teb region of the Alqama tribe in the Shamayatayn and Borders directorate with the Madaraba district in Lahj, which was revealed by NewsYemen earlier.

Where the leaders and sheikhs of the tribe indicated in their meeting the negative effects of these attempts on the security and stability of the tribe and the surrounding areas, which is rejected by the tribe’s members.

At the meeting, a number of decisions and recommendations were taken that would halt military developments and eliminate armed manifestations.

The meeting also came out with a statement in which the sheikhs, leaders and members of the Al-Alqama tribe confirmed their absolute rejection of all military innovations, whether sites, camps, or new points within the tribe’s scope, except for what was previously agreed upon.

The statement warned all parties against the consequences of sliding into chaos and avoiding everything that destabilizes security and stability in the region, stressing that the tribe’s areas currently live in security and stability and do not need to mobilize any party.

The statement indicated that the members of the tribe have the ability to protect the area, control security in it and stop anyone who is tempted to cause chaos and try to split the stick between the people of the region and the neighboring regions, according to the statement.

The meeting was attended by Brigadier General / Muhammad Ali Abdullah Al-Sini Al-Alqami, Director General of Al-Mudaraba and Ras Al-Ara Directorate, Lahj Governorate, and a number of the most prominent sheikhs of the tribe.