Al-Houthi militia obliges Ibb students to visit their dead

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2021-01-07 17:30:58

The Houthi militia, Iran's arm in Yemen, forced male and female students in public and private schools in Ibb governorate to attend exhibitions of pictures of their dead, in what it calls "martyr's week" in various directorates of the governorate occupied by it for six years.

Educational sources said that since the beginning of this week, the militia has established exhibitions of pictures of its dead, and forced students to attend those exhibitions to spread the culture of death and murder.

This comes amid widespread discontent in the educational and educational circles of forcing students to attend exhibitions of the dead militia.

The residents say that the exhibitions present a Shiite terrorist discourse to glorify the culture of death and tear apart the social fabric, instead of thinking about the future and properly preparing generations and students to build and advance Yemen.

There was widespread resentment among the parents of students and students, for their children to attend militia fairs, especially female students and young people, and forcing them to chant slogans of the Houthi militia.