Report: 1,200 violations against the press in Yemen, including 46 journalists killed since the outbreak of the war

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2021-01-09 16:43:10

A press organization said that 46 journalists have been killed in Yemen since the outbreak of the war in Yemen, which was caused by the Houthi militia, the last of whom was Adeeb Al-Janani, a correspondent for Belqis Channel, who died in the targeting of Aden International Airport.

According to the Humanitarian Press Foundation, the total number of violations against media freedoms in Yemen during the past six years amounted to more than 1,200 violations, most notably murder, arrest, kidnapping, imprisonment, restrictions on freedoms, dismissal of journalists from their work, and closure of media institutions.

 The Foundation, which was established in Aden in 2019, called for ensuring freedom of expression of all kinds and protecting the security and safety of media workers to continue performing their duties and providing them with health and material security, in addition to providing fair work contracts and enabling them to have the necessary protection tools, as they work in one of the most dangerous places of conflict in the world.