Governmental official: The STC emerged victorious from the Houthi-Brotherhood war ... and the Brotherhood obstructed the battle to liberate the north

English - منذ 13 يوم و 13 ساعة و 14 دقيقة
Aden, NewsYemen:

‌ The advisor to the Minister of Information, Fahd Talib Al-Sharafi, said that the Southern Transitional Council was subjected to a brutal military, political, and media war by the Brotherhood and the Houthis, and the Brotherhood dragged all legitimacy and parties with them, while the Houthi dragged all his alliances with him against this emerging framework belonging to the southern people.

Al-Sharafi considered that the STC emerged so far strong and victorious from that war that was waged against it, after the steadfastness of its leadership.

Charfi accused the Brotherhood of disrupting the battle to liberate the north.

He said that the one who thwarted and obstructed liberation and left our people under the whips of the Houthi is the separatist and he is the patient and he is the hateful, "adding: By God, if the management of the battle was entrusted to our southern brothers in the Southern Transitional Council, the north would have been liberated the whole day, but today we would go on embodying reconstruction and national reconciliation. 

Al-Sharafi pointed out that the true unity is the unity of hearts, and that the speech of hostility, fighting, incitement and bloodshed in the name of unity is wrong and dangerous.