The commander of the second brigade, Tihama, describes the meeting as exceptional

English - منذ 13 يوم و 11 ساعة و 7 دقيقة
Khokha, NewsYemen, Exclusive:

The commander of the Second Tihama Brigade, Brigadier General Fouad Jahnem, described the meeting that brought together the leaders of the Joint Forces brigades with the commander of the National Resistance and the head of its political office, Brigadier General Tariq Muhammad Abdullah Saleh, as exceptional.

He told NewsYemen that the meeting discussed many national issues, especially with regard to the recovery of Tihama from the Houthi militia, describing the meeting as fruitful and exceptional.

He stressed that Brigadier General Tariq cherishes love and appreciation for all the sons of Tihama without exception and puts their interests at the top of considerations, and that he is close to everyone's concerns and pains.

Brigadier General Tariq confirmed during the meeting that fighting Houthi according to national political visions agreed upon by partners who believe in their cause is the only way to defeat Iran's agents, terrorists.