Houthi crimes do not stop in "Dhi Na'im", far from the eyes of the organizations in Al-Bayda

English - منذ 42 يوم و 15 ساعة و 27 دقيقة
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 The Houthi militia has been committing crimes, violations and atrocities against civilians in Dhi Na`im district in Al-Bayda governorate since its control in 2015, far from the lenses of journalists and reports of international human rights organizations.

In 2020, human rights reports documented 232 Houthi violations of the right of residents in Dhi Na`im district, at a rate of 34% of the total violations by the Houthi militia in Al-Bayda governorate.

The Houthi violations included 4 injuries, 190 arbitrary arrests and 13 violations of private property, in addition to the bombing of 7 homes, displacement of 3 families, an attack on a mosque, and 5 cases of stealing private money.

Bbased on the testimonies of civilians, the most prominent crimes of the Houthis were in August 2015, when they committed a heinous crime of kidnapping four Sheikhs of the Al Omar tribe, executing them, and dumping their bodies on the side of the road.

According to local sources, the supervisor of the governorate directed the Houthi leader Abu Zaid Al-Gharabani (killed in 2016) and the leader Yahya bin Yahya Al-Arari to execute Sheikh Muhammad Ahmad Al-Omari, Sheikh Ahmed Saleh Al-Omari, Sheikh Saleh Salem Binh and Sheikh Saleh Ahmed Al-Omari.

While the militia claimed that Sheikh Yahya bin Yahya al-Arari (from the Khamer Directorate in Amran Governorate), the direct commander to carry out the killing of Al Omar Sheikhs, was imprisoned after a court ruling was issued to execute him, its official media revealed in an obituary statement in mid-2020 (his martyrdom) on one of the battle fronts.

Despite popular discontent denouncing this heinous crime, even it was a local public opinion issue, this aggressive militia did not hesitate to target the population and civilian objects in the directorate.

Among those crimes was the Houthi militia, on February 20, 2016, by firing a barrage of bullets at the car of citizen Salah Al-Bakri, with his family on board, which resulted in the severe injury of his granddaughter, Sarah Al-Bakri, and later died of her injury.

As well as the explosion of a Houthi mine on a truck, Saleh Abdul Nabi Al-Baram, while it was passing on the main road in mid-March of the same year, which led to the death of his daughter and his injury and his son were seriously injured.

In July of the same year, Houthi gunmen targeted citizens' homes in the Yafa'an area with indiscriminate artillery shelling, one of its shells landed on Ahmed Al-Hashami's house, killing his two sons and wounding the rest of the family.

The matter did not differ much in 2017, when Sheikh Abd al-Rab al-Jarhoumi was targeted by a Houthi sniper bullet while he was at his farm, on June 25, which led to his death.

In December of the same year, militia members executed Ahmed Ali Al-Hamiqani in cold blood while he was passing by his car at Al-Hajla checkpoint belonging to the Houthi leader (Abu Hashem Al-Riyami).

Faced with these crimes, displaced citizens of Dhi Na`im directorate demand the army to assume its responsibilities, and they also demand that the ranks be closed, discord, and work with every effort to resist these militias, all from their position to liberate the directorate from this criminal militia.

They also called on the residents of the Houthi-controlled areas to resolve their personal differences between them without resorting to the killing and destruction militias that seek to dismantle the social fabric.