Al-Zubaidi: Shabwa will be saved, and its people will return to manage their governorate

English - منذ 42 يوم و 15 ساعة و 20 دقيقة
Aden, NewsYemen:

 Aidaroos Al-Zubaidi, head of the Southern Transitional Council, confirmed that the patience of the people of Shabwa over these conditions will not be long, indicating that the conditions in the governorate will soon witness relief, God willing, and the people of Shabwa will return to manage their governorate and take over matters in it, and to preserve its security and stability.

This came during a meeting between Al-Zubaidi and the head of the executive body of the Transitional Council in Shabwa Governorate, Ali Ahmed Al-Jabwani, in the capital, Aden.

 In the meeting, al-Jabwani gave al-Zubaidi a full explanation of the overall activities carried out by the local leadership in the Shabwa governorate, and the local leaders in the directorates during the past period, foremost among which is the efforts to combat the new Corona virus after its outbreak in a number of districts in a frightening way.

Al-Zubaidi also learned from al-Jabwani about the general conditions in Shabwa governorate and what the citizens are suffering in the city of Ataq and other directorates due to the poor service conditions, and the crackdowns carried out by the Brotherhood militia against the members of the Transitional Committee and all those who oppose these militias, in addition to the great security chaos and the wide spread of terrorist elements that  Especially targeted at members of the Shabwani Elite.

 Al-Zubaidi praised the efforts made by the transitional leaders in Shabwa governorate despite the circumstances they are facing, calling on them to make more efforts to strengthen and cohesion of the societal fabric, and to make the utmost efforts to alleviate the suffering of citizens, touch their concerns and provide their needs according to the available capabilities.