Al-Houthi militia raids citizens' homes in Damt, north of Al-Dhalea

السياسية - منذ 63 يوم و 19 ساعة و 1 دقيقة
Al-Dhalea, NewsYemen:

 The Houthi militia, Iran's arm in Yemen, carried out a massive security campaign targeting citizens' homes in Damt, the northernmost fronts in the city of Al-Dhalea.

According to local sources in Damat, the Houthi militia carried out a massive security campaign that affected a number of homes, using heavily armed military forces.

It explained that the Houthi militia said that it was looking for wanted persons who refused to submit to the orders of the military leadership of the Houthi group after it called on them to mobilize and mobilize the popular mobilization to support the fronts in the north of Al Dhalea.

The sources considered that the security campaign is a violation of privacy and has gone beyond the limits of Islamic and tribal values, customs and traditions in society, and sowed terror and panic among the people, especially children, women and the elderly.