Amin Mahmoud's forces are testing Nabil Shamsan.. Taiz people, the military and the Brotherhood

English - منذ 11 يوم و و 47 دقيقة
NewsYemen, Written / Abdulsalam Al-Qaisi:

After the dismissal of Amin Ahmed Mahmoud and the appointment of Nabil Shamsan, the man took the lesson from his predecessor and was coming and going and as someone saying: My fate is from the fate of the first and it is not possible to work in Taiz, next to the headquarters.

They assassinated his companions, and so far the judicial ruling has not been issued against the killers, the assassination was a message from the headquarters of Nabil Shamsan that you be as we wish and we will protect you or your fate will be the fate of Adnan.

The image of Nabil Shamsan became bad, the incitement against him intensified, and they left no prestige for the man. As it has been seen once how they tried to obstruct him at the hangar point, while entering Taiz, even to the point of publishing the video of the incident and his convoy as if he was not the governor of Taiz and he is the one who decides anything, as if who is at the point of the hangar.  are not his men;  Because they are men of headquarters.

No one hates the authority. Nabil Shamsan will not leave the governorate and go every time to Cairo if he holds the reins of Taiz, but Taiz is not in his hand and to the extent that he was subjected to abuse during his stay in Aden before Ramadan by an officer affiliated with Islah, and his incident is similar to the attempted assassination of Amin Mahmoud in Aden.

The man returned, blindfolded his head, and announced the horn in the governorate, with a battle, coordination with Tariq Saleh, a visit to Mocha and a bank account for the horn’s budget, and the party took advantage of those calls to call out and collect donations of its own. The battle was a formality without achieving any achievement, and there Tawakkol Karman began to appear in four ambulances  A gift from Kerman to Taiz arrived after the end of the Nafir battles in Taiz.

 The horn is just a lie, they want the money of the horn, but the man refused, the man wants a battle to liberate what is left of Taiz, so he scratched his face as he announced the horn, and if it was not completed, they dropped his name forever, and history will curse him, if he fails

I do not justify him, we need the strong ones, without any compromises, and he shows weakness and impartiality, and as an authority and governor, you are not neutral, but you have the word and the right to say and act. If you succeed, you will be successful, and if you fail, you  have said your word and left, exactly as Amin Ahmed Mahmoud did, and your name and your thoughts will remain.

The corruption taking place in Taiz from the turban of the headquarters, the directors, whatever their parties are, they go to bow and perform loyalty and obedience at the headquarters, and just as Sultan Al-Sami’i in Sana’a does not represent his party and the choices of his masses, but rather represents Al-Houthi.  Partisanship represents the de-facto authority in Taiz, and it is all about Islah.

Nabil Shamsan has to prove and tell the truth of the governorate, because his face seemed to be in denial, he has to complete his mission despite the difficulties or step down and tell the whole truth, and we do not want him to bear all the accusation, in Taiz.

It is believed that Nabil Shamsan worked to end the disputes between Taiz Governorate and the West Coast.

 Be the size of Taiz and don't just be the size of the military..

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