International Migration: More than 600 Yemenis have been displaced in less than a week

English - منذ 10 يوم و 19 ساعة و 45 دقيقة
Aden, NewsYemen:

The International Organization for Migration said that it had monitored the displacement of 600 citizens in less than a week as a result of the war imposed by the Houthi militia, the Iranian arm in Yemen.

In its weekly report, it added that between May 30 and June 5, 108 families (648 individuals) were displaced at least once.

She explained that since the beginning of this year, January 1 to June 5, she has monitored the displacement of 5,905 families, representing 35,430 individuals, who have been displaced at least once.

The organization indicated that 19 families were displaced during the period covered by the previous report, May 23-29, and were only identified and monitored in the current period, and their data was added to the cumulative total of displacement recorded since the beginning of the year.