Al-Absi to NewsYemen on “White Thobe”: There are those who encouraged me to publish... the challenge is great

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Cairo, NewsYemen, private:

Recently, Yemeni writer and activist Inas Abdo Al-Absi published her first collection of short stories about the Arwaq Foundation for Printing, Publishing and Distribution in Cairo, entitled "White Thobe".

She says about her: "I have a white dress that I made myself, and it has been with me for four years. Every day I sew a part of it, and after I finished I began to make it beautiful. It is my only dress. I wanted it to be beautiful.

Enas is the sister of the late writer and journalist Muhammad Abdo al-Absi, who was assassinated years ago in the capital, Sanaa, under the control of the Houthi militia, in mysterious circumstances.

Publishing..a big challenge

In the context of talking about the group, Al-Absi told NewsYemen: In fact, I did not think about publishing my stories, so I always wrote and kept them. One day, a conversation was taking place between me and Dr. Hani El-Silwi and Professor Muhammad Jazem, so I told them that I have been writing for a while, but I think that I still need more time for the idea of publishing.

She adds: However, they asked me to see what I write, and after learning the truth, they encouraged me a lot to publish and continue writing, and the preparation for the matter really began, and thank God, my first collection of short stories was released, here I am putting it in the hands of readers.

In the same context, she stated that there are no difficulties as much as continuity with research and knowledge, because people's opinions change according to events and on which their feelings change, so you find that it is always necessary to touch their feelings and delve deeper into what they may be looking for from a proposal to attract their attention, so I consider this a challenge, and a great challenge .