Houthi-Brotherhood Agreement: “Fuel for Al-Qaeda and ISIS”

English - منذ 10 يوم و 15 ساعة و 6 دقيقة
Aden, NewsYemen:

 The military spokesman for the southern forces, Captain Muhammad al-Naqib, confirmed that the Brotherhood militia had concluded an agreement with the Houthi militia to allow the smuggling of fuel to Houthi areas in exchange for facilitating the transfer of terrorist elements to Brotherhood-controlled areas.

Al-Naqeeb said in a tweet to him on Twitter, that the Brotherhood militias, since they came from Marib to Abyan, have played the role of a pumping machine for smuggled fuel to the Houthis, after a suspicious deal concluded with the Houthi militia in exchange for facilities for transferring Al-Qaeda and ISIS elements from Al-Bayda to Abyan.

Al-Naqeeb added that the "fuel for al-Houthi versus al-Qaeda and ISIS for the Brotherhood" agreement expanded the spread of terrorist elements and the multiplicity of their camps in the Abyan areas, which are still under the control of Brotherhood militias, and exacerbated the conflict between the leaders of the military formations there over the shares of fuel smuggling royalties.