Aden..A shipment of smuggled ammunition seized at Al-Waht Junction

English - منذ 9 يوم و 20 ساعة و 12 دقيقة
Aden, NewsYemen:

Units of the Fourth Battalion in the Aden Ring Forces thwarted the smuggling of light and medium munitions at the Al-Waht - Ras Amran junction, west of the capital, Aden.

The ammunition shipment was found, during the regular inspection process, well hidden on a bus, coming from Mocha on its way to the capital, Aden. 

The smugglers were arrested, the seizures were seized, and they were transferred to the headquarters of the Aden Ring Command, for preliminary investigations and transferring them to the competent authorities.

The seized shipment contained Doshka munitions, modified munitions, mortar detonators, sniper plates, modified tapes, an automatic weapon, automatic magazines, ammunition and other miscellaneous seizures.

The command of the Aden Towt Belt praised the soldiers in the Fourth Battalion, Al-Waht Junction - Amran, led by Captain Salah Al-Awlaki, for their high sense of security and their tireless efforts to maintain security and end smuggling.

The leadership of the Aden Ring indicated that it will not hesitate or tolerate anyone who tempts himself to drown the capital, Aden, in the quagmire of weapons and contraband, stressing that the coming days will be more severe for smugglers and terrorist groups.

It is worth noting that, on an ongoing basis, the Aden Ring Security Forces are working to seize many contraband and contraband at the various main ports it manages, in Al-Alam and Rabat, the Iron Factory outlet, and the Ras Amran port.