Extension of lands and terrorism against women..Repeated scenes of militia brutality in Sanaa and Taiz

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Last Tuesday, activists on social media circulated a video clip of the Houthi militia's latest crimes against citizens in Sanaa.

The clip showed an elderly man being dragged in a humiliating manner by the Houthi militia, after he objected to their looting of his floor in Haddah neighborhood in Sana'a.

Elderly man Saleh Ali Alwes did not spare the killing of his son while he was fighting in the ranks of the Houthi militia in its wars against the Yemenis, to reward him today with a lizard before the cries of his daughters and women

The screams of Alois women in the video clip were the biggest expression of the reality of humiliation and oppression experienced by Yemenis in the areas controlled by the Houthi group, which justified its carrying of arms against the state and the start of its war against the Yemenis in 2004  because it was prevented from “screaming” with its slogan.

The video of the elderly Alois appeared a few days after a video in which the famous businessman, "Abdullah Al-Qas", who is the largest iron supplier in Yemen, appeared. He tells a tribal group the details of the attacks he was subjected to by the Houthi leader Abdullah Amer, who demolished a ground wall belonging to him and started building  on her.

Al-Qass recounted how this Houthi leader dealt with him after he went to him to object to the looting of his floor, so that Amer directed one of his guards to withdraw the merchant Abdullah Al-Qass from his office in a humiliating manner and put him in the group’s prisons, as well as imprisoning his relatives who came to question him.

Amer is accused of robbing hundreds of lands belonging to citizens in Sanaa and properties belonging to traders and businessmen on the orders of the cousin of the leader of the Houthi group, Abdul Majeed Al-Houthi, who heads the so-called Endowment Authority, a body recently established by the Houthi group.

The scenes of looting and assault by force of arms on the property of citizens in Sanaa, which is under the control of the Houthi militia, was identical in the city of Taiz, which is under the control of the Brotherhood militia.

Only three days after the publication of the video of the assault on the elderly Alois and the screaming of his daughters in Sanaa, a political activist published a video of a similar incident of assault in behavior in Taiz, with different details and names only.

Where the human rights defender and political activist Abdul Sattar Al-Shamiri published on his Facebook page a video clip showing an attack by the Brotherhood militia in Taiz against three women who objected to the looting of their land.

The video shows three women throwing stones at a bulldozer that is surveying the land next to their house, accompanied by the protection of armed men and military crews, before the gunmen shoot heavily in the air to frighten the women and drive them away.

Al-Shamiri explained that the clip came to him with a message from a family in the city of Taiz, explaining that the women who appeared in the video are the daughters of Sultan Abdul Wahed Al-Tarji, and that the so-called Bakr Sadiq attacked the land belonging to their deceased father Sultan, and seized it with the forces of the 22nd Mika Brigade.

According to local sources, the land that Bakr Sarhan attacked is located in the Al-Masbah neighborhood in the city of Taiz, next to the house of his father, Brigadier General Sadiq Sarhan, the former commander of the 22nd Mika Brigade.

According to the sources, the so-called Bakr claims to buy the land from a person, despite the existence of orders to stop the process of laying it on the land by the prosecution and by the Security Department, which refutes his allegations of buying the land.

Armed gangs headed by Brotherhood military leaders are active in the city of Taiz, and most of their members are members of the army and security forces, specialized in looting private and public lands and properties.

In late August of last year, the citizen Muhammad Ali Mahdi Qasha was killed in the Al-Nour neighborhood in Taiz by members of the 17th Brigade, which is under the control of the Brotherhood, because of his insistence on demanding the restoration of two houses belonging to him that had been robbed by Brotherhood leaders in the brigade and refused to evacuate them.