With the protection of "Al-Shamsani"..Attacks against a soldier of the 35th Brigade and his family by a Brotherhood gang – documents

English - الاثنين 20 سبتمبر 2021 الساعة 09:42 ص
Taiz, NewsYemen, special:

Documents and information obtained by NewsYemen revealed complicity by the commander of the 35th Armored Brigade in Taiz against a member of the brigade who was attacked by an armed Brotherhood gang.

The sources said that the soldier in the 35th Armored Brigade, Ahmed Mahmoud Al-Hajjaj, was assaulted and an assassination attempt in mid-June in the isolation of Quds, affiliated to the Al-Mawasit District, by an armed gang affiliated with one of the Brotherhood's militia leadership, Bahaa Al-Qudsi.

According to the sources, the soldier was seriously wounded by the shooting, and miraculously escaped death, and was taken to the hospital for treatment.

It pointed out that orders from the Public Prosecution Office in Taiz were issued to the Al-Mawasit, Al-Ma'afer, and Al-Mawasit Security Prosecutions to arrest the gang members that attacked the soldier, to address the Director of Security to the Commander of the 35th Brigade and the Commander of the Special Forces to arrest them and bring them based on the Public Prosecution's orders.

It added that Al-Shamsani refused to implement the security request to arrest the perpetrators, under pressure from the so-called Bahaa Al-Qudsi, one of the leaders of the 17th Brigade, which was led by Al-Shamsani before he was imposed as commander of the 35th Brigade by the Brotherhood after the assassination of its leader Adnan Al-Hammadi in late 2019.

The sources said that Al-Shamsani put pressure on the soldier and his uncle / Amin Sharaf Hussein to resolve the case through tribal and customary arbitration away from the law, which was rejected by the soldier's family.

This refusal was the price for the fact that, last Wednesday, the so-called Bahaa al-Qudsi and his armed groups attacked the house of the victim’s uncle and shot him with light and medium weapons, as a message of terror and a threat to accept arbitration.

The sources revealed that Al-Shamsani, instead of punishing the aggressor, sent his crews to raid the soldier's uncle's house, arrest him, and place him in one of the prisons of the brigade known as "the pressure".