Governor Al-Arada resorts to his tribe to repel the Houthis from Marib

English - الخميس 23 سبتمبر 2021 الساعة 12:10 م
Marib, NewsYemen:

In light of the dangerous developments in the Marib governorate, the governorate's governor, Major General Sultan Al-Arada, held a meeting on Wednesday with the Obeida tribes, during which they approved the formation of new battalions to support the popular resistance and support the army forces against the Houthi militia.

During the meeting, the governor said that "the Houthi militia has been unable for years to make any breakthrough on the Ma'rib fronts, and all its attempts will fail, which will cost it more casualties in its ranks."

Al-Arada stressed that "social cohesion is the decisive factor in thwarting Houthi plans and its barbaric war on Yemenis."

He pointed out that similar meetings were held, during the past days, with a number of the sons of Murad, Al-Jadaan and Jaham, to strengthen and integrate efforts in the battle, praising everyone's stances and their high preparations.

The meeting saluted the fraternal supportive stance of the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia, and their support for Yemen at this stage.

Expressing pride in the stances and heroisms of all the people of Ma'rib tribes, and the tribes of Yemen in general, in supporting the National Army to confront the militia on all fronts.

On Wednesday, the Houthi militia completed control of the Harib district, south of Ma'rib governorate, forming an almost total cordon over the city of Ma'rib, the governorate's center, the last stronghold of legitimacy in Yemen, as well as cutting off the last supply lines from the Abdiya district.