Bakran: The brotherhood of Yemen have decided to leave the fighting and enter into peace and partnership with Iran

English - السبت 09 أكتوبر 2021 الساعة 05:16 م
Eden, Newsyemen:

Political researcher Saeed Bakran said that the Brotherhood in Yemen decided to abandon the fight against the Houthi militia and enter into peace and partnership with Iran, which supports the Houthi militia.

Bakran said, in his comment on the gift of the leader of the Brotherhood and Minister of Youth and Sports in the government, "Nayef Al-Bakri", a rifle of what he called the liberation of Aden to the governor of Marib Governorate Sultan Al-Aradah, "I read the message of the picture as saying that the Islah abandoned the Houthi fight," noting: the symbolism of handing over the leader  Brother Nayef al-Bakri, who says that it is the rifle of the resistance that fought the Houthis, says we no longer have any interest in fighting the Houthis, whoever wants to fight them with local, tribal or other motives, may God grant him victory.

Bakran added that the symbolism of the image confirms that the international organization in the Yemen branch took the decision of peace and partnership with Iran and left the local bases the freedom to decide resistance for regional or tribal reasons, or to go behind the new direction of the international leadership.

The southern researcher, "Bakran", revealed that the Brotherhood's abandonment of Marib can be clearly seen in the organization's international media, from channels and others.