Betrayal of the "Brotherhood" within the "Defense"... Yemeni army intelligence reveals the smallest details

English - السبت 09 أكتوبر 2021 الساعة 08:12 م
Marib, NewsYemen, Private:

Military sources told NewsYemen that directives were issued to arrest leaders loyal to the Islah Party - the local branch of the Brotherhood - in the third military region in Marib Governorate (east of Yemen) whose involvement in working for the Houthi militia was proven.

The sources revealed the monitoring of members of the Islah party, participating in the fighting alongside the Houthi militia in Marib and Shabwa, in addition to carrying out highly sensitive logistical operations against tribes and national government forces that are not subject to the Brotherhood in the two governorates.

A military source, who asked not to be referred to by name, said that the activities of the Brotherhood members had become exposed to the leadership of the Yemeni army, represented by the Chief of the General Staff, Lieutenant-General Saghir bin Aziz, and also the governor of Marib, Major General Sultan Al-Arada.

 He stressed that it was directed to arrest many leaders of Al-Islah, in the third military region, for their treachery and work for the Houthis were proven.

He added that messages were sent to the leadership of the Arab coalition, in this regard, and others calling for a reconsideration of the formation of the joint operations room in Marib, which is controlled by elements of the Islah party.

 The source said that the Islah elements used their control over the joint operations room, to raise the wrong military coordinates, explaining that this issue was revealed after the coalition fighters carried out 130 air raids on the vicinity of the Harib and Abdiya areas south of Marib, but they did not succeed in breaking the Houthi siege on the two areas.  

It also did not result in losses in their ranks and combat equipment.

While the letters directed from the leadership of the Yemeni army and the governor of Al-Arada to the leadership of the Arab coalition demanded the development of new military plans for the government forces in Marib and Shabwa, they revealed the occurrence of betrayals by leaders loyal to the Brotherhood in the Al-Bayda and Ataq axes.

And it confirmed that military leaders of the Yemeni army, in the Bayhan axis, including Major General Mufreh Buhaibah, were shot from behind.

In this context, the Military Intelligence Department of the government forces submitted a secret report demanding the transfer of Brotherhood leaders to a military trial, after it was proven that they had betrayed and cooperated with the Houthi militias.

The report mentioned the names of: Brigadier General Abdo Ahmed Al-Hubaishi, Colonel Muhammad Qasim Alwa - Commander of Serwah's intelligence, Captain Faisal Hammoud Al-Jarash, Lieutenant Bilal Ali Al-Jaafari, and Sadiq Ali Muhammad (all loyal to the Islah Party), confirming their involvement in working for the Houthis, from within the forces of  legitimacy.

The report said that these leaders "has been proven treachery and worked to hand the Serwah fronts, without a fight, to the militias, as well as recruiting spy networks working for the Houthis in the facilities and devices of the Ministry of Defense and the "third, sixth and seventh" military zones, according to what a source told NewsYemen.