Buhaibeh: Marib lost the UAE, and a cause headed by Hadi and Al-Ahmar will not win

English - الأحد 10 أكتوبر 2021 الساعة 04:24 م
Aden, NewsYemen:

 Political researcher "Abdul Wahab Buhaibah" said that the governorate of Marib has lost the UAE, whose defense system used to shoot down all the Houthi militia's missiles.

Buhaibeh added, in a post on Facebook: The UAE was not present and was not responsible for the fall of Nihm, Al-Jawf, Qaniya, Mahlia, Rahba, Al-Qana`a, Bayhan, Usaylan, Ain and Harib, all the way to Mala’a and Al-Ghioul, and the siege of Al-Abdiyyah. Rather, when it was present in Marib, Houthi missiles were exploding in the air due to its air system  .

He pointed out that the real enemy is the one who dismantled those fronts, and they were not held accountable for them, and they are still in their positions to this day.

In another publication, Buhaibah considered that no cause can win, led by Hadi or Al-Ahmar.

He said, "A cause headed by Hadi and Mohsen will not prevail, and there will not be an existing state led by war merchants from partisan, tribal, political and religious leaders, who trade in the cause of a people and subsist on the pain and suffering of a nation, and they run the state from abroad for seven years and control everything, and plot plans and conspiracies against each other."  some."