Shabwa's anger escalates... Overthrowing the authority of "betrayal" to defeat the sinners of "the Imamate"

English - الأحد 24 أكتوبر 2021 الساعة 06:50 م
Aden, NewsYemen, special:

The popular movements in Shabwa governorate escalated remarkably during the past hours to confront the threat of the Houthi terrorist militia’s expansion in the governorate, more than a month after the fall of the Bayhan districts as a result of being handed over by the Brotherhood.

Where a number of Shabwa districts witnessed the erection of sit-in tents in six districts: Nisab, Al-Saeed, Habban, Arma, Markha Al-Sofla, Al-Rawda, with calls for similar action in other districts in the coming hours, as calls were sent from tribal figures in Mayfa’a and Al-Talh districts to set up similar sit-ins.  .

Uniformly, these tribal sit-ins held the Brotherhood’s governorate authority responsible for the fall of the three Bayhan districts into the hands of the Houthi militia without a fight. This was preceded by their complicity in emptying these districts of leaders and national military units from the people of the governorate and replacing them with pro-Brotherhood elements who later handed them over to the Houthis.

The people of Shabwa addressed the coalition leadership quickly to intervene and take over and save the province from the danger of more of its areas falling into the hands of the Houthi militia, facilitated by the Brotherhood’s authority, which they said is also working to prevent any tendency to liberate the areas that fell into the hands of the Houthi militia.

 Tribal sources confirmed the escalation of anger among the Shabwa tribes over what happened in the districts of Bayhan and the scenes of their handing over by the Brotherhood to the Houthi militia last month, despite the high cost paid by the tribes and people of the governorate during its liberation in late 2017.

 The sources considered that the recent move of the Shabwa tribes also reflects their awareness of the Brotherhood's plans to hand over more areas of the governor, including the capital, Ataq, to confront any popular movement against them against the background of their betrayal in Bayhan.

Where the sources indicated that the first tribal movement to set up sit-ins was in the Nisab district, and the size of the attendance was remarkable, followed by another sit-in in the Khora area of the Lower Markha district, which reflects the tribes’ alertness to what was previously revealed about the withdrawal of Brotherhood forces from their positions in the Khora area towards  The capital's liberation.

 These withdrawals - according to the sources - raised fears of a deliberate intention to open the way for the Houthi militia to Ataq through Khora and Nisab, and the repetition of the Baihan scene, which means that the movement of the Shabwa tribes towards Nisab and Khora comes to block the way in front of that.