Southerners: UAE-backed forces crush Iran's arm and embarrass the Brotherhood's army

English - الأحد 21 نوفمبر 2021 الساعة 11:23 م
Mocha, NewsYemen, private:

Academic Jalal Hatem spoke about the victories achieved by the Southern Giants, the Tihamiya Brigades and the National Resistance on the West Coast in recent days over the Houthi militia.

 Hatem said in a tweet to him on Twitter that the UAE-backed joint forces proudly accomplished in five days what the reform fronts had not accomplished in seven years, asking: When will the Brotherhood understand that their scandals fill the region?

 And southern journalist Salah bin Laghbar published a video documenting the great victories over the Houthi militia, where he said: This is part of the victories of the UAE-backed joint forces on the western coast, and their liberation of large areas from the Iranian-backed Houthi militia.

He added, "All that is happening there is liberation and victories, after the defeats and deliveries of the National Army and the Qatari-backed Brotherhood forces in Ma'rib and Shabwa."

 In addition, the southern academic Hussein Laqour confirmed that the real battles waged by the Houthis during seven years of war were in Al-Dhalea and the western coast, and before that in the south.

 He said in a tweet to him on "Twitter", "During the seven years of war, the Houthis have not fought any real military battle that rises to the level of its classification as battles except in Al-Dhalea and the West Coast and before that in the southern governorates, where there are real fighters."

He explained that the expansion of the Houthis on the ground was carried out through the operations of receiving and handing over, through betrayals carried out by legitimate military leaders.