The Houthi militia compensates for losses on 3 fronts in the western coast

English - الاثنين 22 نوفمبر 2021 الساعة 10:22 م
Mocha, NewsYemen:

In the past hours, the joint forces inflicted heavy losses on the Houthi militias in number and equipment, with precise strikes targeting sites, barracks and reinforcements in separate areas of the administrative district of the Maqbna district in Taiz governorate, and the districts of Jabal Ras and Al Jarrahi in Al Hodeidah governorate, western Yemen.

The military media of the joint forces reported that the reconnaissance units monitored the movements of the militias affiliated with Iran, east of the district of Hais, in the direction of Maqbna, and from the north, they monitored reinforcements for the same militias coming from Al-Jarrahi and others in a mountain range belonging to Jabal Ras overlooking Hais, and they were successfully dealt with.

He stressed that the joint forces used the appropriate weapons, causing casualties, causing deaths and injuries, and destroying vehicles.

The supervisor of the Houthi militia in the Maqbna district, Abed Hagwan, was killed yesterday, Monday, along with another leader, Ahmed bin Ahmed, and a number of their members.  While the so-called Abdul Rahman Al-Jarzi, Hagwan’s brother and a number of others were wounded by artillery shelling, after intelligence information led to their monitoring in one of the mountains near the areas of engagement east of Hais.

The joint forces consolidated their control over the new contact lines after completing the liberation of the entire district of Hais, a mountain chain belonging to the Jabal Ras district, and villages belonging to the Al-Jarrahi district.