Military commander: The Brotherhood brought in reinforcements from Ma'rib and Taiz to fight the people of Shabwa

English - الثلاثاء 23 نوفمبر 2021 الساعة 10:02 م
Shabwa, NewsYemen:

A senior military official in the Ataq axis revealed that the Brotherhood had brought in military reinforcements from the governorates of Marib and Taiz, to Shabwa governorate, southeast of Yemen.

Colonel Ali Al-Khader Muhammad, head of operations for the 30th Infantry Brigade, said in a video recording that a military force comprising 25 combat teams arrived a few days ago from Marib to reinforce the Brotherhood militia in Shabwa governorate.

Simultaneously, the Brotherhood brought in large armed groups from Taiz Governorate to Shabwa, although the Houthi militia has imposed a stifling siege on the first for 7 years.

According to Colonel Al-Khidr, Brotherhood reinforcements were distributed to three places in Shabwa: the Al-Saeed junction, the Special Forces camp, and the radio building.

The military official in the Ataq axis was surprised that the Brotherhood sent reinforcements from Taiz to fight the people of Shabwa governorate, at a time when the Houthis are besieging the city of Taiz from all directions.

The head of operations of the 30th Infantry Brigade also spoke, in the video recording, about the corruption of the Brotherhood's authority in Shabwa led by Muhammad Saleh bin Adyio, stressing that the latter's corruption harmed the governorate and all its citizens.