The commander of the 2nd Brigade, Tihama, survived a mine explosion near the Al-Jarrahi district

English - الثلاثاء 23 نوفمبر 2021 الساعة 10:40 م
Surgical NewsYemen, private:

On Monday, the commander of the 2nd Tihama Brigade, Brigadier General Fouad Jahannam, escaped from the explosion of a Houthi landmine planted by militias in the streets of citizens near the Al-Jarahi district, north of Hais.

The explosion occurred while Brigadier General Fouad Jahannam, accompanied by the brigade's heroes, was completing the combing of residential villages from Houthi mines and clearing them from Houthi pockets after completing their liberation.

Brigadier General Jahannam sustained injuries and shrapnel, and was taken to the medical point, while three of his companions were seriously injured.

Brigadier-General Jahannam pledged to move forward until victory is achieved, saying that Houthi mines will not deter us from continuing the fight and purifying the country from the evil of the Houthi fragmentation and its terrorist remnants.

He explained that the units of the 2nd Tihama Brigade are continuing with the joint heroes to purify all parts of the Republic, and stressed that victory is looming on the horizon and will come soon, God willing.

He stressed that the time has come to defend civilians, not the time to sit in hospitals, pledging to return to the fighting fronts.