American expert: The joint proves the ease of crushing the Houthis, and lslah is an obstacle

English - الأربعاء 24 نوفمبر 2021 الساعة 11:18 ص
Aden, NewsYemen, special:

The American expert on national security affairs, Irina Zuckerman, said that the Islah party - the Yemeni branch of the Muslim Brotherhood - has failed to provide ground assistance to the joint forces, which are fighting a battle to expel the Houthi militia from the areas of Taiz, despite the opportunity to change the rules of the game against the militias.  backed by Iran.

Zuckerman said, in a statement to "NewsYemen", on Tuesday, that "opening another front in Taiz could have dispersed the Houthi forces in the same way that they strategically followed them throughout the country.

She added, "There are many fronts in Taiz. Had the Islah forces ignited them, they would have helped the joint forces a lot. Indeed, the siege of the city will be lifted from the western side."

She said Islah's apparent "neutrality" raises questions about their ultimate political goal, adding: "Despite taking control of most parts of the Yemeni government, Islah has proven that it does not care about anything related to Yemen."

And the American expert continued, "At best, Islah officials showed little enthusiasm in defeating the Houthis in the field. Several perfidious leaks that benefited Iran's proxy in Yemen have been linked."

Zuckerman expressed her fear that "Islah will leak some information to the Houthis to use on the battlefield," adding, "Otherwise, the joint forces and the coalition forces are enough to crush the Houthi forces."

It saw that the Houthis are still not at the level of the traditional army, and if they are dispersed, they will face difficulties in fighting, despite the advanced weapons provided by Iran and despite the improvement in training and intelligence networks thanks to the training of Hezbollah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

The American expert, Irina Zuckerman, concluded by saying: "The failure of Islah to intervene and the leaks of strategic plans and information for the Houthi forces have proven that it (the Islah party) is an obstacle to the expulsion of Houthi terrorists from the region."