The predicament of the "Yemen Brotherhood " investors in Turkey after the deportation decision

English - الخميس 25 نوفمبر 2021 الساعة 10:13 ص
Aden, NewsYemen, Muhammad Yahya:

A dilemma in which the leaders of the Islah Party (the Brotherhood of Yemen) residing in Turkey found themselves, in light of the new changes taking place in Ankara's foreign policy, and its attempt to bring it closer to the Arab countries, as the Turkish regime is looking for political ways to resolve its differences with some countries.

After targeting the “Brothers of Egypt” who fled to Europe for fear of being handed over to the Egyptian authorities, Erdogan’s regime also abandoned the Brotherhood’s branches in Tunisia and Libya, and here he is abandoning the “Brothers of Yemen” and deciding to deport them from his country, with the closure of their satellite channels that broadcast from Istanbul, after  Turkey has restored diplomatic relations with the UAE and started high-level talks for the first time in 6 years.

Erdogan seeks to show good intentions towards the Gulf countries, specifically Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and confirm his abandonment of the support of the terrorist Brotherhood and its approach to stirring up unrest and strife in the region, but observers believe that “the implications of Ankara’s decision regarding the reform leaders carried several dimensions in terms of timing, most notably the decline of Turkish influence in Yemen  Especially in Shabwa and Marib.

Turkey had sought to set its feet in Yemen at the beginning of the war, following the Houthi coup, through the aid provided by the Turkish agency TIKA and the Turkish Crescent Organization.  To whom.

The Islah Party and its leaders played a suspicious role in favor of Turkey in Yemen, since the beginning of the Decisive Storm, and worked to target the efforts of the Arab coalition, so that the party leaders issued an explicit call to demand Turkish intervention, claiming to confront the Houthi militia, in the battles of Marib, which revealed the truth of their complicity with the Houthis.  .

Since 2015, Istanbul has turned into a center for members and leaders of the Brotherhood's Islah Party, including a number of political officials and businessmen who have benefited from the facilities provided to them by the Turkish government, and media professionals who run a number of channels that Turkey used in a coordinated manner with Qatar to launch media campaigns against Arab countries.  Turkey has also naturalized a number of Islah party leaders, who now own millions of dollars in investments in Istanbul, after they looted the support provided by the Arab coalition.

According to real estate statistics in Turkey, Yemeni figures belonging to the Islah party bought about 949 properties in Turkey during the period from January to September 2021, including 139 properties during the month of September only, while the total number of properties purchased by Islah leaders since the year 2015 AD,  5390 real estate, with a value of one billion and 347 million and 500 thousand dollars, considering the average value of the property 250 thousand dollars.

Sources in the Yemeni community in Turkey confirmed that the number of Yemeni companies owned by Brotherhood elements is more than 400, compared to 64 companies in 2015.