Al-Awlaki announces the transfer of the peaceful escalation of Shabwa to the capital Ataq

English - الخميس 25 نوفمبر 2021 الساعة 06:24 م
Shabwa, NewsYemen:

Member of Parliament, Sheikh Awad bin Al-Wazir Al-Awlaki, confirmed that the people of Shabwa continue to continue their legitimate peaceful escalation in the city of Ataq, the capital of the governorate, until their demands are met.

This came during a speech delivered by Sheikh Al-Awlaki, today, during a meeting of sheikhs, dignitaries, dignitaries, soldiers, intellectuals and academics in Shabwa Governorate.

Al-Awlaki saluted the sons of Shabwa for their response to the meeting’s invitation, considering this as evidence of their keenness to preserve it from frivolous hands and to lift all the policies of injustice, murder and corruption that brought the governorate to what it is today.

He said, "There are contacts and contact with the central leadership, and there was an understanding of the demands of the people of Shabwa, thanking at the same time the interim President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi, for his understanding and response to the province's demands, expressing his hope that this response will see reality."

But he stressed that the people of Shabwa intend to continue their peaceful and legitimate escalation in the provincial capital until their demands are met, adding: "We are with them and on their side according to what the system, law and constitution guarantee them in their peaceful movement."

Sheikh Al-Awlaki directed the organizing committee in the various districts of Shabwa to work urgently on the necessary arrangements for the sit-in in the provincial capital, Ataq.

He also urged the committee to expedite the arrangement and preparation regarding the Shabwani Honor Charter for all to preserve their governorate from the Houthis and reject terrorism and extremism.

Al-Awlaki stressed that they are not advocates of chaos or encourage armed clashes within the province, as some claim, adding: "We support the peaceful and legal escalation that guarantees for all to demand rights and freedom of expression."